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MT4/MT5/API Bridge

A high-tech bridge between MT4/MT5 and liquidity providers, it serves as a link between MT and AMTS ECN, allowing brokers and their customers to take full advantage of AMTS ECN. The bridge includes a service for individual trade setup through which customers can configure the orders according to their preferences.

Our bridge is fast, stable and flexible, allowing for detailed configuration of different parameters of hedging and overall performance. The bridge does not require a separate MT server, it can be easily run in parallel with other types of accounts and handle a limited number of groups. The bridge connects directly to AMTS ECN and can operate either as a separate provider or with any number of providers connected to the aggregator.

The benefits of AMTS bridge:

  • Reliability and stability (the bridge works in large companies where trade volumes are measured in tens of billions);
  • High speed execution of large volumes of data;
  • Advanced functionality for traders (trade setup is already integrated into the bridge);
  • Advanced functionality for broker (flexible trading environment settings);
  • Flexible hedging system (partial hedge of customers, customer groups, or individual instruments);
  • There is no need for a separate MT server;
  • A high degree of protection against all typical dealing problems (non-market quotes, arbitrage, etc.).

Bridge AMTS is a necessary part of the system, without which other products will not work. Therefore, bridge rental is a must when cooperating with AMTS Solutions. Rental prices are affordable and they can be found on the following page. Rental of AMTS technologies can greatly simplify the job of a broker by automating most routine tasks and enabling reliable performance.

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