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PAMM System

AMTS PAMM is a high-tech product which allows you to quickly and cost-effectively run asset management service with a wide range of functions, high-speed performance and increased resiliency.

Features of AMTS PAMM:

  • AMTS PAMM system is designed as an independent service, which can connect to any trading platform with the necessary API in a short time;
  • Available functionality far exceeds the industry standard;
  • The system functionality can be extended or adjusted;
  • Integration with any application written in PHP, .NET, or C ++, for any OS (Windows, UNIX, Android iOS.);
  • High speed;
  • Highly stable, it has been successfully employed by a number of brokers;
  • Designed for account management of any number of servers;
  • Finished integration with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5;
  • Finished integration with AMTS ECN.

Benefits for the manager:

  • Automatic correction of transactions’ volumes. When withdrawing and depositing, volumes of open orders and pending orders are automatically adjusted to the preferred value. Automatic correction can be adjusted by the manager.
  • Any trading strategy is permitted. The service does not limit trade tactics, it allows both long-term trading and scalping.
  • Trading investor funds exclusively. Manager may only trade investor money, without investing their own funds.

Benefits for the investor:

  • Individual trading interval. The investor can independently set the trading interval (frequency of profit sharing).
  • Immediate withdrawal. The investor may at any time withdraw funds from an account in just 5 minutes regardless of any open positions of the manager or other factors.
  • Flexible offer. Percent of compensation may depend on the amount and term of the investment.

Benefits for the broker:

  • High reliability. AMTS PAMM system was created by a group of highly qualified developers with decades of combined experience in the Forex industry.
  • Flexible and scalable architecture service. The service is not tied to the operating system or a terminal and does not have any architectural limit to the number of servers or users.
  • Speed ​​of deployment. AMTS PAMM system is ready and B2B solutions can be quickly deployed with any broker.
  • Resistance to stress. The system has been tested with high loads and has good speed and resilience.


5$ per million of turnover (min 500, max 5000 per month)

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