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Trade settings

For the convenience of traders, AMTS Solutions provides personal trade settings, a service which allows each client to customise their trades. It's no secret that traders have different preferences in the methodology of order execution – for some, the price is important (so that there would be no slippage); for others, execution takes the top spot (so that there would be no rejections). Some do not want to miss entering a new position under any circumstances while others prefer not to enter, rather than enter with huge slippage. These and many other questions may be solved thanks to our trade settings. Customers do not have to look for other brokers to get what they want, and as a result, they will stay with you.

Trade settings allow you to:

  • Record the size of slippage in the order comment section;
  • Enable/disable partial execution of limit orders;
  • Send limit orders as market orders to ensure implementation;
  • Cancel pending orders and the related profits and stops once activation levels enter the gap;
  • Execute market and stop orders as limit orders with limited slippage (stop-limits);
  • Cancel stop orders when gap is larger than a certain number of points;
  • Activate pending orders on the opposite side of the quotes, thus protecting from the spread widening.

To provide this service to clients, a broker must implement a page where customers can choose the preferred settings. The service is integrated into the bridge and does not require further development. The service is in high demand and will be a good addition to broker services.

Trade settings are already successfully used by some of AMTS partners:

Trade settings significantly expand broker’s trading options, but they also include certain execution features, which may come as a surprise to customers. This is why the website page with a description of the settings needs to explain everything in detail, so that customers understand how it works and do not make mistakes.

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